Oak Moon

The Oak, ancient, mighty and vital. Home to myriad life forms.

The beautiful sculptural form of the acorn .. green, ochre and polished nutwood brown..  the caps, dishes and cups for the Faeries.

The mysterious oak gal, an age old way of making ink, it’s formation the result and food for lavae of the microscopic gallwasp.

This lunar period is ripe for realistic resonance and considered contemplation of the might oak..



Growth and fertility spells work best at this time of year. Focus on building and consolidating your wisdom, endurance and security.

Feel energized by the power of the Sun and oak during this magical time of year. Harness powerful solar energies for Oak Moon spells to bring cheer and success to your life. ”

Journeying to the Goddess


The Oak Moon – June 10 to July 7

Prosperity, good health, personal success equate with the Oak Moon. It is fully leafed in midsummer which is the season of supernatural beingslike ghosts and fairies. The Oak Moon is the time to ask for help from the ethereal world. During this period, the sun produces solar energy that makes activity more desirable than rest.

The Oak Tree is a comforting tree that brings healing when meditation is conducted while resting against the trunk. It dispenses endurance and strength and at the same time peace and solace. Its abundant, spreading branch offer shade and hospitality. In Britain ancient ceremonies were often conducted beneath the shelter of the oak tree.



Midsummer approaches, the equinox, a balancing point of closeness to the sun, a pinnacle moment in the wheel of change.

A time for celebration and joy, a time inbetween, the approach of winter inevitably follows on.

Infinite seasons and cycles, flowing lifetimes of birth death, growth and decay.

Dance, cry sigh
Love, ecstatic flight
Laugh, scream die
Dark woods and moonlight.



About Sylvia Deren

into fashion, decadence and performance
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