The Hazel Moon (Coll) – 5th Aug to 1st Sep

The Hazel tree was seen as feminine in nature, and with the Hazel Moon falling at the end of autumn it came to represent the growing wisdom as the Goddess gradually turned from living mother to wise old crone. As the hazel moon begins to wan, go out doors to a place where can see the crones waning crescent riding low in the sky. Take with you some diluted rosemary oil or rosemary water. Rosemary is an herb associated with knowledge and protection. Face the waning moon ask the crone Goddess to bless you with her wisdom as you anoint yourself with the rosemary.

“Hag of night, bless me with wisdom’s sight (anoint forehead) Crone of the Moon, grant me your instinctive boon (anoint stomach) Goddess of might, help me think clear and right (anoint head) Mother of all, please answer my call.” (anoint heart area).

The Hazel was considered to be the Tree of Wisdom and to fell one was once a crime punishable by death. It was believed that magickal skills and knowledge could be gained from eating Hazel nuts, which are the emblems of concentrated wisdom. The Hazel is also strongly associated with mediation and meditation.

Twigs of Hazel are favored by water-diviners and for other methods of divination due to the sensitive nature of the tree and its close affinity with the element of water. It was once believed that the Mushrooms which grow on a Hazel could provide an individual with the ability to relocate what he or she may have lost.

The Hazel was a favored tree of the Druids, some of whom preferred its wood over that of the Oak for their staffs, given its conductive nature. This was, however, purely a matter of preference. Staffs made of Hazel were once considered as a sign of authority among the Druids. Pins made of Hazel were once used to protect houses from fire and the trees planted as shade from the Sun. Ground Hazel nuts were often employed in the curing of coughs, the soothing of sore throats and the relief of head cold symptoms. The dry skin covering the nut was once ground into a powder and used to relieve heavy menstrual flows. The Hazel was said to be a reminder to trust and listen to intuition which, in essence, is trust in the self. It was believed to promote thought processes and the flow of inspiration while accepting responsibility for actions.

Thankyou again Ipssissimus for sharing such wise and informative knowledge and insight.



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